Terms & Conditions


Keep in mind that by selecting an option other than “Single Room” you are agreeing to share your room with other participants based on same sex.

Vam Sport / Miami Cycling Association will need a copy of all necessary documents emailed to us. Once you are registered instructions will be given in more detail.


We accept checks, money orders and bank transfers. Contact us for more information on payment methods.
A) You can cancel any time bettwen 72 hours from the date of subscription
B) You can cancel 45 days before the event day.
C)  $300 cancellation fee will be applied
D) Please allow us 72 hours to process your cancellation
E) Your cancellation payment will be mail (Not Refund to Credit Card will be process)



I acknowledge that my participation in Vam Sport / Miami Cycling Association will demand an effort given the nature of the event and the physic and health risks involved. I have the physic and mental ability to compete in the event and I accept that I AM SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES

As a participant I understand and acknowledge that I am legally bound hereby to WAIVE ANY AND ALL DAMAGES, PREJUDICE AND CLAIMS, both civil and criminal, understanding and recognizing that Vam Sport / Miami Cycling Association, volunteer people, sponsors and his vendors, are not responsible for any lesion, illness or even death that I may suffer as a result of my participation in the events

As a participant I AUTHORIZE THE USE OF MY IMAGE AND NAME in photos, videos or other visual media by the Vam Sport / Miami Cycling Association, both to promote and/or advertise the events or its brands.

As a participant I understand that the terms of this document are contractual and not a mere memorandum or informative bulletin; that this is a legal document of compromise between myself and the Vam Sport / Miami Cycling Association.